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Nationally Recognised under the ESI Training Package - UET 12 (Transmission & Distribution) or UET 12 Generation Sector Training Package.

COURSE PURPOSE: This Unit is designed to provide participants with the basic knowledge and skills needed to perform Electrical Operations on a High Voltage Distribution System according to established procedures.

COURSE DURATION: 4 Days Group Theory + 1 Day Practical Competency Assessment.

PRE REQUISITES: ‘A’ Grade Electrical Workers Licence, Electrical Engineering Tertiary Degree, Marine Engineers Certificate, Power Industry experience & Basic Electrical Appreciation.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of selected Definitions & Clauses from the client’s High Voltage Safety Procedure.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Safe Approach Distances for Personnel, Vehicles & Mobile Plant for various System Voltage Levels.
  • Demonstrate working knowledge and skill to identify types of High Voltage Apparatus associated with the client’s ‘On Site’ Assets.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge & skill to write a Switching Instruction correctly to prepare Plant for Access.
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of the general requirements for Switching, Isolating & Earthing of High Voltage Electrical Apparatus for the purpose of Electrical Access Permit Issue.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skill to perform different types of High Voltage Circuit Isolations.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skill to perform different types of Earthing methods on High Voltage Apparatus.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the different Forms of Authorisation to allow work to be performed safely on, or in the vicinity of Electrical Apparatus.
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of the requirements for Barriers & Signs.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge & skill to write out a nominated Electrical Access Permit.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Responsibilities of the Issuing / Cancelling Operator of an Electrical Access Permit.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge & skill required to Issue an Electrical Access Permit.

Course Content:

Nationally Recognised under training package UET 12

Units of Competency - Transmission & Distribution and Generation Sector Training packages.


UEPSS00003 - High Voltage Operation - H.V. Switching

UEPOPS349B - Operate Local HV switchgear

Other Competency Units

UEPOPS456A - Perform switching to a switching program

UEPOPS428B - Develop HV switching programs

UEPOPS429A - Coordinate and direct switching program

UEPOPS349A - Operate H.V. Primary Switchgear

UETTDR ISO4B - Perform High Voltage Field Switching Operations to a given schedule.

UETTDRIS05B - Perform substation switching operation to a given schedule.

UETTDRIS08B - Develop HV switching schedule.

UETTDRIS10B - Coordinate permit procedures.

UETTDRIS11B - Coordinate and direct switching schedules.

UETTDRSB02B - Carry out substation inspection.

UETTDREL12A - Operate plant and equipment near live electrical conductors and apparatus.

All these Units of Competency cover

  • Introduction to High Voltage Electrical Operations Training.
  • Discussion of Electrical Hazards & Incidents.
  • Definitions & relevant Clauses in the the client’s HV Safety Procedure.
  • Safe Approach Distances.
  • Identification of Approved Forms.
  • Electrical Apparatus Familiarisation.
  • Methods of Normal & Inadvertent Energisation.
  • Effects of Electric Shock.
  • Communications Process.
  • Switching Instructions.
  • Permit Processing Procedure.
  • Isolation Methods.
  • Earthing Methods.
  • Importance of Labelling.
  • Tagging Procedure.
  • Signs & Barriers.
  • Writing Electrical Access Permits.
  • Issue & Cancellation Procedures & Responsibilities of Issuing / Cancelling Operator.
  • Care of High Voltage Electrical Operating Equipment.

Delivery will consist of

  • Training Room Presentations to give the participant acquisition of knowledge and thinking skills.
  • Hands on, Practical Operating skills will occur through Demonstration, Practice and Drill on equipment at the clients Site.
  • Participant Role Plays for ‘On Site’ scenario’s.
  • Participant Practical Training Room Exercises.

Course Assessment will consist of

  • Written knowledge Assessment of selected Definitions & Clauses of the client’s HV Safety Procedures.
  • Simulated Written Assessments where Participants will be required to demonstrate the knowledge and skill necessary to prepare Switching Instructions and Electrical Access Permits.
  • Simulated oral and practical training room assessments where participants will be required to demonstrate the knowledge and skill necessary to safely prepare High Voltage Apparatus for Access.
  • Simulated Oral and Practical Assessments where Participants will be required to demonstrate the knowledge and skill necessary to issue an Electrical Access Permit in accordance with the client’s HV Safety Procedures.
  • Written skills Assessment to demonstrate the knowledge of the Responsibilities of the Issuing/Cancelling Operator.


Recognition of Prior Learning recognises other life experience, work experience or any other training you may have received at work and measures it against the module or course that you are now doing or want to do. If any content of this course is relevant to previous experience you have gained, you may be eligible to apply for RPL for parts of the course you have already done. It is important to apply for RPL if this may be the case.

Mutual Recognition

Where a student has achieved a qualification from another Registered Training Organisation, Western Energy Training Pty Ltd will recognise that qualification under the principles of Mutual Recognition.

Appeals Process

Western Energy Training Pty Ltd has a policy and process to allow the course participant to challenge any assessment decision. Course participants will be informed what the grounds of appeal are prior to course commencement by the Instructor.
Before lodging an appeal you are advised and encouraged to discuss the matter with your course lecturer. If the matter cannot be resolved, then details of the grounds of the appeal and any supporting evidence should be forwarded to

Office Administrator at:
18 Murphy Crescent
Bertram, WA 6167

All appeals must be lodged in writing no later than 21 days from the notification of results.

Literacy, Numeracy and Special needs.

Western Energy Training Pty Ltd recognises the individual needs of course participants in relationship to literacy and numeracy skills. Any cultural differences in the learning and assessment programs will be considered along with any special needs required by the participant.

Please contact the Office Administrator of any special needs.