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15 Highfield Road
Ambleside 7310
Tel 03 6427 0767 or Mobile 0408919934
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Energy Training

The Nationally Recognised
Training Courses are in line
with the National...

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The next Initial High Voltage Switching Courses in Perth in 2016 will commence on:

8th - 11th AUGUST 2016

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Welcome to Western Energy Training

Western Energy Training is a service provider to the High Voltage energy sector, in particular the Electrical, Mining and Gas Sectors.

Our aim is to provide a training/consultancy business that is one recognized by our client's as one that provides acceptional service that meet their needs.

The training that Western Energy Training provides will be of a higher standard than its competitors, due to it being tailored specifically for the individual client and courses that comply with Nationally recognised training and Regulatory requirements.

All site competency books and procedure development are specially tailored to meet your High Voltage system requirements and will be applicable to your site.

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